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Why I voted for Gary Johnson without any chance of winning

This post is not about policy, it is about the dynamics of voting for a third party that is sure to lose, and why one might do such a thing.

Obviously, if I choose to vote for a third party, I must have some reason for doing so. I imagine that such a vote has some value, or the potential to do something. In this case, that value is not "He might actually win this election." Instead, I expect such a vote to play a part in shaping the future political landscape of America in one of two ways:

It creates more discussion and awareness for the Libertarian party, giving it a chance to receive even more votes in 4 years. Maybe those votes then translate into even more discussion and awareness, allowing the Libertarian party to be a serious contender in 8 years or more. In such a way my vote today can be magnified in a positive feedback loop.A more realistic reason: Even if the Libertarian party never makes it as a serious contender (See this video for an explanation. Our voting syst…