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Why I am voting for Bernie Sanders

As we move into the 2016 election season, I'm planning to support Bernie Sanders for the Democratic party nomination, and hopefully voting for him in the general election. Bernie Sanders is an old guy who has served Vermont in both houses of Congress for many years. He seems like a true "for-the-people" selfless politician. As far as I can tell, he is not in the pocket of the big corporations: his net worth is lower than nearly every other senator, and he gets his own laundry, and says he won't launch a Super PAC and doesn't want billionaires to bankroll his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.  Why do I support him? Well, I'll start by explaining my position on a bunch of the hot-topic issues. The ones highlighted in blue are ones where Bernie Sanders aligns with my stance, and ones highlighted in red are where I disagree with him. Non-highlighted issues are ones that I'm not sure of Bernie's stance on.

I lean left on these policiesGo…