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"All truth is relative." Or is it?

Growing up in a Christian school, I frequently heard about how atheists and secular humanists and "post-modernists" don't believe in anything or think that all truth is relative. What is it like now being on the other side? Is that how I would characterize "truth" 10 years later, and a secular humanist myself? No, simply because the word "truth" can refer to at least three types of claims:

1) Claims about the state of the natural universe
2) Claims about the supernatural / spiritual
3) Claims about morality
The idea of "relative" truth is very different for each.

Only a very small minority of people in the secular world could be considered relativists regarding truth claims of type #1. We all rely on scientific observation and logic to determine things about the universe. "The moon exists, and is primarily responsible for the tides". "I am taller than you". "The light will not turn on unless the circuit is closed.&q…