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My History as a Baby Youtuber: From 0 to 325,000 views

My very first YouTube video was posted in November 2006, and is a twelve second clip of two guys in my dorm playing the Original Nintendo Wii Tennis game on release day.
Unfortunately this was so long ago that YouTube Analytics breaks down: I can't trend for monthly views earlier than 2Q2017. Nearly 90% of the views were received in the first 6 months this video was posted, all before the YouTube Partnership monetization program was implemented.

For a while, this video appeared on the front page of search results for "Nintendo Wii". I thought it was a neat novelty at the time, but, if I knew what I know now, I would have cherished these early views because of how easy it would be to snowball those views into a successful channel.

7 years later I recorded myself fixing a common problem with the door locks in my car, and uploaded to Youtube under my new YouTube account. Apparently this car issue is a really common problem, because I've now gotten over 80,000 views on t…